Personal Invitation to Peer Advisory Board

Exclusive Breakfast for Seattle Metro CEOs


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

7:30 AM - 11:00 AM

True Alignment: Linking Your Company Culture and Team to Your Customer's Needs

In this highly interactive presentation, award-winning speaker Edgar Papke confronts the greatest challenge of leadership: how to get a group of individuals aligned and working together to achieve a common goal. Along with defining the characteristics of high performing teams and organizations, he shares his powerful model for the alignment of strategic intent, culture and leadership, providing a step-by-step approach to focus on and get the performance and results we identify with great teams and organizations. Key takeaways include:
  • Focusing on results to deliver customer value
  • Developing a strong team culture
  • Leveraging conflict
  • Finding and developing the high performance team member

You will also experience how a Vistage Private Advisory Board, led by Vistage Chair Kevin McKeown, can help you evaluate opportunities, gain new perspectives and discover a renewed sense of direction.


1920 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101


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Vistage groups are exclusively for CEOs and business owners with $5 million or more in annual revenue.